Secrets Beneath the Surface

It’s been 5 years since a powerful lich imprisoned Arch-Mage Feaden in an attempt to siphon the mage’s magic and ultimately rewrite the very laws of spellcasting. The first step in his plan disrupted all of the teleportation and communication magics across the Wudai Empire. Fortunately, he was defeated by a group of intrepid adventures.

Many nations have yet to fully recover from the chaos, though no moreso than the bureaucratic nation of Greeten. The magic ‘black-out’ allowed most the cities in Greeten to experience the first taste of governmental freedom in centuries. There are now many that wish for independence, but simply lack the means to acquire it, until now.

Recently, rumors have been spreading through the streets of the metropolis of Torgol about a hidden weapon that could change the future of Greeten, and maybe even the whole world, forever. Who will be the first to find the weapon and what will they do with it.

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Secrets Beneath the Surface