Séighín Aoife

Séighín Aoife CG (SHAY een, EE fa “Hawk beautiful; radiant” or hawk of radiance)

Goddess thought to be the the living form of art made of light caught from the blue green spectrum of a rainbow just after a morning rain. Her tail begins with the lord of artisans Gobnait (GUB nit: Smith)Who made the living statue of light in the form of a shining hawk for the Lady Tuathla (TOO uh la: Princess of the people) as a means of wooing her. Sadly for him she had another love and rejected Gobnait. Angered by this Gobnait called on his skills of making to pull the darkness into a cloak of raven feathers around him, that he may spy of Tuathla and glean the identity of her love, which is why ravens cannot be trusted. In this way he found her singing in the dawn light to heal a wounded boy, tho all could tell this boy would not last long from such terrible marks. when she left the boy Gobnait came to him to ask the cause of such horror upon the boy’s flesh only to learn that Rúadhán had fallen from a tree trying to free a hawk who was pinned there by a hunter’s arrow. Rúadhán had hoped to heal the bird and let it free, feeling terrible sadness that a thing of such grace had been hurt so, when the hunter did come and demand the prize. Rúadhán did not give in to the man and was struck from the tree by arrow then mailed fist. such was the fury upon the boy that the man lost track on the hawk and it did fly to Tuathla to tell of this boy and his honour. When she came to him, Rúadhán was near death and nothing would save him on this world, so she took him to the Vale of the High Tree to sing his health back into him. At this Gobnait did rage, fury and hatred over the loss of his love for want of a dying boy, for he was petty and prideful. and he did plan and scheme until he took the sunbird and tasked it to steal away the boy just after Tuathla had come, to make the seeming that the boy had left without telling his farewells and be gone from Gobnait’s way. for if Rúadhán did leave so the rudeness of the act might break Tuathla’s heart and make her more open to the pleasure of Gobnait. And so in the rise of Dawn Tuathla sang her love of light and wonder, the chords of making, unto Rúadhán to ease his pain. And as the radiant Hawk heard the sound it began to feel, for such was Tuathla’s voice that all who hear it would weep in joy, which is why the morning brings dew to all things, and she found her own voice in the singing. as the morning did come and the sond of dawn rose Séighín Aoife took all the greens and blues from the dawn, for that is like what she was made from, and alighted on Rúadhán, and she sang the song of healing. this is why the dawn rises pink for now the greens are bound into man, which is why man can make things green grow. With the two songs together a glow of healing fell into Rúadhán making him whole, but as this happened a small bit of the boy’s blood fell upon her and gave her life as we know it, and she rose as a maiden childe with emerald and sapphire eyes her hair and winged back shown with the light of the morning that she took to heal Rúadhán. from then on his get born true had hair like the new dawn, red as fire. Tuathla embraced the new goddess and welcomed her, but Séighín Aoife had one last task from when she was owned as a thingand took Rúadhán away to the lands of man. Tuathla was angered by this but after Séighín Aoife told her why this was done Tuathla gave her blessing for the task and set to avenge herself on Gobnait. He came that night, just as the Sun fell to his sleep and bade entrence to see Tuathla and console her for the loss of her love. she took uppon him with the anger of all the peoples and cast him down, forever to be burned by the sight of the sun yet yearn to craft, and so was the first of the Night Gobs bade for they make things of cold earth and curse the light. Séighín Aoife was given the task of looking out for Rúadhán, and she took it on well, for this is why birds sing in the morning.

Séighín Aoife CG a fey goddess of healing and freedom, guardian of children and halflings as they are childlike
domains : Arboria (SC 282), Chaos, Good, Halfling, Healing, Liberation, Sun
holy symbol is flying hawk in a ring sometimes in copper on a wooden disk, but some ornate patterens exist made from gold and emerald and sapphire.
Followers: Some fey, Aimhirghin Aoife, Birds, halflings, some humans, some elves.
description: she looks like a small beautiful girl with blue-green hair, eyes and wings. she is sometimes shown as a hafling with bluegreen tattoos on her back of wings and sometimes as a gem like Hawk in the same colours.

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Séighín Aoife

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